Decisions to Make When You Choose an Epoxy Floor

While epoxy flooring is a popular choice in commercial applications, it can also be a good type of flooring to choose for various parts of your home. Many homeowners like epoxy flooring for their garages, basements and other select areas. If you like the look and durability of this flooring type, you'll want to reach out to a local flooring contractor who specializes in epoxy flooring. Before you get a final price quote for your work, you'll have an opportunity to talk about exactly how you want the finished flooring to look. Here are three decisions that you'll need to make when you choose an epoxy floor.

Colour Tint

One of the first steps when you're planning an epoxy floor is deciding what colour you want it to be. Your flooring contractor can tint the epoxy a number of different colours and will provide you with numerous colour samples to consider. A lot of people choose a simple shade of grey, but you might like the idea of something different. While you can go with another muted colour such as brown, it may be fun to think of using a brighter colour. For example, if you're getting the flooring in your garage and you want this space to have a vibrant appearance, red, blue or orange may appeal to you.


A lot of people automatically think of a glossy look when they picture an epoxy floor, but the reality is that there are different finishes available. You'll need to decide whether you want the floor to have a gloss or matte look. Ask your flooring contractor to show you examples of both finishes so that you can decide what will best suit the space. For example, you might like a matte epoxy floor in a garage, but you might favour the bright sheen of gloss if you're choosing this floor for your basement.


You'll also be able to choose what appearance you want the epoxy floor to have. While you can choose a solid colour, there are other options that may appeal to you more. For example, some people prefer epoxy floors that have speckles to create more of a vibrant look. Charcoal epoxy that has white and black speckles in it may seem more stylish than a plain charcoal look to you. Your contractor will present you with different options to consider so that you're happy with the finished appearance of your epoxy floor.