metallic epoxy flooring in Pakistan

Metallic deck systems suspend auto assessment metallic tones inside unrivaled, water-clear epoxy and polyaspartic coatings to give a stunning fulfillment that can be revamped for any setting. An ideal decision for business conditions and retail show regions, lighting up metallic ground surfaces offers a really remarkable floor structure that your customers will review. 

Property holders may similarly improve their home’s assessment with metallic epoxy flooring to enhance beauty that can be adjusted to facilitate any setting. 

Single or distinctive metallic tones may be used depending upon the ideal consummation. At the point when applied, metallic epoxy coatings may be changed in different habits to achieve a variety of striking culminations. Check out our service of metallic epoxy flooring in Pakistan. 

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Metallic epoxy floor coatings are a unique solution that can be used in homes and businesses. In the home, this beautiful finish is commonly used to upgrade basement epoxy. A metallic epoxy basement floor creates a one-of-a-kind living space that seals out moisture and adds brightness and depth to a space that may otherwise seem dark and cold.

  • A popular alternative to concrete stains
  • Correct installation can hide blemishes
  • Added metallic powder makes it a unique aesthetic
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  • Economical custom solution
  • Can create a fun yet sophisticated living space or public space
  • Metallic floor offers greater depth and dimension
  • Can create many effects

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 Metallic Epoxy Flooring Details
Thickness In mm Customized
Available Services Re-Installation,Installation
Service Location/City Pakistan
Provide AMC Yes
Drying Time 24 Hours
Minimum Flooring Area(In Sq Ft) 2000 Sq Ft
Material Procurement Supplier End
Service Location Type Commercial Building