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Aliphatic amines are usually fast curing, low viscosity, and good chemical resistance to the applied system. However, it is usually modified to eliminate problems caused by the objectionable volatility of such amines. By pre-reacting, the amine with part of the epoxy resin formed Polyamine Adduct.

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aliphatic amines


Amidoamines result from the most common amine reaction, i.e., tetraethylenepentamine, with a fatty acid such as Tall Oil Fatty acid. Amidoamines are basically mono-adducts of a polyamine with TOFA and having a higher molecular weight than polyamine

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Cycloaliphatic amines are another group of curing agents that are less volatile than linear aliphatic amines when an adduct is formed. It exhibits good film hardness and film properties of good gloss.

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cycloaliphatic amine
polyamide resin

Polyamide Resin

Polyamide is produced from the reaction of dimerised and trimerized fatty acid with polyamines. Polyamides are versatile curing agents for epoxies. They are pleasant to handle, are compatible with many resins, and their mixing ratio with resin is not critical. Fairly long pot life is possible.

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Epoxy Resins are used in the manufacturing of glues, paints, adhesives, plastics and coatings. Epoxy Resins are very important in coating floors and are very much needed in industries

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standard liquid epoxy resin
aromatic amines


The advantages of aromatic amines over aliphatic amine for curing epoxy resin are the development of higher heat distortion temperature in the cured product. It has greater chemical resistance after cure and the mixture had to be cured at some heat to achieve excellent elevated temperature performance.

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