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Standard Liquid Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin is used in the manufacturing of glues, paints, adhesives, plastics, and coatings. Epoxy Resins are essential in coating floors and are very much needed in industries. We provide the best Epoxy Resins to numerous industrial sites. We offer standard liquid epoxy resin and a wide variety of curing agents that cure resin at ambient conditions at elevated temperature. You want adhesives for your project; you know where you could get them from at the most reasonable prices! Hurry up!

standard liquid epoxy resin

General Performance

YD128 is a liquid-type standard epoxy resin derived from Bisphenol-A. It has excellent adhesion chemical resistance, heat resistance Etc. Due to its special properties, YD 128 is generally used in many fields. YD-128 is the most standard liquid resin for general use.

Usage of YD-128  

………………YD-128 is cured together with the various hardeners (Polyamide resin, Aromatic Polyamine, Aliphatic Polyamine, and Anhydride Compound). Depending on diluents and other additives, different physical properties after curing can be obtained. Generally, YD-128, a clear liquid form of the standard Epoxy Resin, is widely used in many fields such as: 

  1. Paints: Electrodeposition coating, Ambient curing coating, Clear coating, Anti corrosion coating. 
  2. Electrical and Electronic fields:  Casting, Dipping, Encapsulation, Laminates, Condenser, and Resistor coating
  3. Civil construction and buildings: Cementing concrete structure, waterproof, Anti-corrosion road pavement, Repair bond for joint, Grouting material.
  4. Adhesive: Metal, Glass, wood, and stone adhesive.
  5. Filament winding: Glass fiber reinforcement resin.
  6. Stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride.